Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe – your key to a relaxing camping holiday in Europe

Camping Key Europe offers you reliable security. It serves as an identity card as well as a bonus card, and is widely accepted in Scandinavia, too. "From the Fjords in Norway to the Mediterranean Sea– Camping Key Europe is the new key to a relaxed camping holiday in Europe!"

Currently, more than 2,800 campsites participate in the CKE offer. The official website offers the possibility to filter the participating campsites by country and other selection criteria.

The Camping Key Card can be ordered directly from the BVCD online shop and will be delivered to your home within 14 days of the order date. You can find more information under the tab "FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions".

Price : 18.00 EUR (incl. postal charges within Germany)
(18.50 EUR incl. postal charges for international sendings)
(without VAT: 15.13 EUR, VAT: 2.87 EUR

Camping Key Europe (CKE) is essentially an identity card, making ID cards unnecessary in many countries when checking in at reception. This saves time. The card itself contains your personal information in digital form.

Travelling through Europe with just one card - this goal has been successfully achieved by CKE.

Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Special offers and discounts on more than 2,400 camping sites in Europe
  • Liability insurance
  • An ID card that allows for faster check-in and check-out * (Schengen document)

*Please note that in many European countries it is compulsory to present your ID card when registering at reception, despite the fact that these countries have agreed to the Schengen Agreement.

Benefits throughout Europe:

  • Discounts on ferries, bridges, etc.
  • Adventure & discovery – museums, leisure parks, zoos, etc.
  • Food & beverage – from fast food to exclusive restaurants
  • Shopping
  • “Pick n mix” – car repair, insurances, gas, etc.

1. How long is the Camping Key Europe Card valid for?
The Camping Key Europe is valid for 12 month from the date of issue.

2. Does my spouse need an individual Camping Key Europe when we travel together?
No, one Camping Key Europe is sufficient for one family travelling together. This includes grandchildren and their friends (up to three children). The insurance that is included covers all people on site that arrive on the camping ground / travel to the camping ground in the same vehicle.

3. Does my passport / ID card have to be valid for the whole period until the expiry date of the Camping Key Europe?
Yes, the passport / ID card has to be valid for the whole period of the 12 month.

4. How long does it take before I receive the Camping Key Europe/How long does the applications procedure take?
We allow us a process-period of two weeks. Be aware that posting may also take up additional time (around three days). Therefore, to prevent you from any disappointment/delay please calculate sufficient time for your order

5. Can I order the Camping Key Europe today for any other date later in the year?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to preorder the Camping Key Europe. Due to the secrecy obligation we are not allowed to save / store most of the collected data (personal data necessary for ordering the Camping Key Europe).

6. Can I collect the Camping Key Europe directly at the office of the BVCD?
No, it is solely possible to order the Camping Key Europe via our online shop. We are doing everything possible to process your order instantly after the fee for the Camping Key Europe has been transferred to our account.

7. Will (the validity of) the Camping Key Europe be automatically extended?
No, (the validity of) the Camping Key Europe will not be automatically extended. It is necessary to order / purchase a new Camping Key Europe after its expiry (after 12 months).

8. Can I extend the validity of my personal Camping Key Europe card by using tokens?
Tokens have been used in the past to extent the validity of the Camping Key Europe. Nowadays, this is not a valid method. Therefore tokens are not available anymore. After the expiry date, a new Camping Key Europe card has to be purchased.

9. Where do I find an overview of all campsites and other facilities that allow discount when holding a Camping Key Europe Card?
Unfortunately, the above is not listed yet. However, you find a good overview of the participatory campsites on the following website: Additionally, you may recognize a participatory campsite by a sticker / symbol clearly attached at the reception area. 

10. How much discount can I expect at a campsite holding the Camping Key Europe?
The manager of the individual campsite is regulating this on their behalf. There is no standardization. You can contact a campsite directly for more information.

In the event of a claim, please contact the ERV insurance company directly. You will find the exact address in the insurance conditions. 

The new camping card for Europe - Camping Key Europe (CKE) - replaces the EFCO European Camping Card. For this camping card, the largest associations have united in a partnership.

Card holders can count on always getting the best price offered by the campsite in the respective period. BVCD Service GmbH assumes no liability for the granting of the discounts and benefits. Solely the offering campsite is responsible for the content and implementation.

Speaking of guarantee: With the personalised green card, Camping Key also offers accident, legal protection and liability insurance for holidaymakers that applies at campsites. If a ball lands in the wrong place or other damage is caused to third parties, this is insured via Camping Key. And it applies everywhere in Europe. Camping Key Europe offers security and confidence for campers and campsite operators.

Camping Key Europe (CKE) is published by ANWB Leden en Kampeerreizen B.V. The CKE is sold by BVCD Service GmbH.