Our “Camping and Thunderstorms” guide provides information on what to do to stay safe if you get caught in a thunderstorm while camping. It deals with:

  • Campers with caravan or motorhomes
  • Campers with tents
  • Swimming, playing sports or other leisure activities outside when the thunderstorm arrives
  • First aid

Gas bottles

Our “Regulations for Gas Inspection” guide provides information on:

  • Recommendations for camping site owners
  • Use of the new inspection tag
  • Safety regarding liquefied gas in caravans and motorhomes
  • How to use gas bottles
  • User manual for liquefied gas bottle installation

          (with exception of propellant gas and propellant gas bottle installation)

Oak Processionary Moth

Our “Oak Processionary Moth” guide shows you how to deal with Oak Processionary Moths:

  • What happens if you come into contact with Oak Processionary Moths?
  • Measures
  • Treatment
  • Field report