Your winter campsite

Finding the right campsite for winter camping

Winter camping is very different from summer camping and also has different requirements in terms of campsite selection - to ensure that your winter holiday is a complete success, we have put together a few points that you should bear in mind when choosing a campsite.

The location of the campsite plays an important part when choosing a campsite. The first question you should ask yourself is: Mountains, snow and cold, fresh air, or perhaps a walk on the beach or ice skating on the lake? It’s up to you to decide!

Campsites in the Alpine regions are particularly popular, but smaller mountain ranges such as the Black Forest or the Harz Mountains can also be a great alternative.

Number one rule of thumb is always to find out in advance which campsites are even open in winter, because not every campsite offers winter camping. In our campsite finder you can find campsites that are also open in winter outside the summer season by using the filter "Year-round camping".

The beautiful winter idyll invites you to spend time outside even in the cold. On a winter campsite, it is important to many holidaymakers to have a winter sports option virtually right outside their caravan door. 

Skiing, tobogganing or going on  a winter hike in the snow, which activity can't you do without when winter camping? If you like skiing, ensure the campsite provides drying rooms for your ski equipment - luckily this is becoming more and more common nowadays.

Exhausted from skiing all day? Besides the sporting activities, winter camping is all about rest and relaxation. That is why many campsites offer a wide range of wellness facilities.

In winter you can go swimming in a thermal bath, rather than at the beach. A sauna to warm up in is certainly the dream of every winter camper when it gets a bit chilly camping in the snow, too. What better way to spend the evening after a long, icy day than taking a steam bath and then getting cosy in the caravan with a glass of wine?

Before we forget, however, winter camping should also be thought of in practical terms.

One of the most important things for a winter campsite to have is enclosed and heated sanitary facilities. Recreation rooms and the chance to fill up gas reserves are an additional plus - this should also be taken into account when choosing a campsite. 

Are you in the mood for winter camping? Take a look at our campsite finder and get inspired!  With the detailed search, you can filter the campsites according to the offers that are particularly important to you.  With the selection criteria of annual campsite, sauna, thermal bath and many more, you are sure to find the right winter campsite for your next holiday!