Camping Holiday and Cuisine: Basic Knowledge about Kitchen Equipment

Whether with a tent, motorhome or caravan on the road: every camping trip includes the most important kitchen utensils, in order to be able to enjoy the journey. Depending on the orientation (simple to more comfortable), price level and personal preferences, the perfect camping kitchen can have a variety of different characteristics. First helpful hints can be found in the following article. 

Basic Equipment Camping Kitchen

Tent enthusiasts usually travel with less luggage – this should be considered for the camping kitchen as well. If you have to carry your kitchen on your back, you should pay particular attention to minimalism and light utensils. Each basic equipment includes a pot or a frying pan (cooking and frying possible) made of lightweight aluminum or titanium, deep plates (versatile use), cutlery, thermo mug for hot drinks, as well as a well-functioning pocket knife, that in best case can open cans and bottles. In addition, the camping stove, a cutting board, a spatula and a lighter facilitate cooking outdoor. Moreover a handle for cans can be useful for heating directly on the camp stove. A useful hint for the purchase: Make sure you buy sturdy dishes that can be kept over an open fireplace if necessary.


If you are traveling with a caravan, motorhome or bus, the basic equipment can be significantly more extensive. A coffee maker, kettle or cool boxes - many camping travelers have their personal preferences and desires. Moreover, you should not forget about storage boxes for leftovers or trash bags. And again it is important to use light and unbreakable boxes (for example, melanin), so that the vehicle does not take too much weight. Glasses and cups are often made of hard plastic because it is lighter than porcelain or glass.


And if you want to bake during your camping holidays: There are already camping ovens made of silicone existing, which are ideal for baking a cake or two.


Cooking, Roasting, Barbecue

The camping stove has become indispensable for a successful meal. Probably the simplest and most adventurous variant is the solids cooker. A small, foldable and galvanized steel emergency cooker that is suitable for heating small quantities and is often used in trekking areas. However, the burning power is low and the fuel pellets are useless when once get wet.


Another option is the gas cooker, usually consisting of a gas cylinder and a framework. A distinction can be made between high-powered gas cookers and low-consumption gas cookers, and should be properly selected depending on the usage. For example, a high performance gas cooker (3,000 watts) can boil one liter of water in about two minutes. Important note: When buying a gas cooker you should keep the wind protection in mind, since the gas consumption may vary depending on wind and weather.


Moreover a spirit stove can be used. Easy to use, low weight and inexpensive to buy. The spirit stove is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals.


Being on camping holiday with a camper van or a caravan can be a little bit more comfortable. Larger variants in case shape with up to four flames are ideal for a fancy hot meal. But do not forget that more flames need more gas. It is important that you thoroughly check your camp stove before starting your journey so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises during the trip.


In addition, for many nature lovers barbecuing is part of the perfect vacation. A so-called compact grille can be conveniently stowed, is easy to set up and cleaned quickly after use. Compact barbecues are particularly suitable for campers who have little space. Other alternatives are small ball grills or bucket grills, which can be taken easily and conveniently. Or the charcoal table grill: The table grill is fired with charcoal - a separate lid protects the coal from dripping grease. The housing is made of powder-coated steel with double-walled design - which means that the grill is hot inside and cool outside. Therefore, the table grill is ideal in southern parts of Europe, as the risk of wood fire can be minimized by this special technology. If you like to grill, you should still pay attention to restrictions in the region or on the campsite. At many campsites in Europe, barbecue is allowed right on the campsite, other operators have designated barbecue areas. Prohibitions are especially in national parks and areas with forest fire risks.


Welcome at the Camping-Site Kitchen

Camping holidays and culinary enjoyment with just a few utensils is possible. Nowadays the perfect menu can be directly cooked on the campsite. For some couple of years, you are able to find kitchen areas on many campsites in Germany. The equipment can range from a basic kitchenette with a sink - to a well-equipped kitchen with stovetops, microwave and refrigerators.


In Germany, for example, the LuxOase near Dresden can be mentioned. The camping and amusement park has in its sanitary building a modern kitchen areal with several ceramic hobs, microwave, oven, free-use fridge, freezers and a coffee machine. In addition, guests can borrow pizza plates for the oven at the reception. The washing-up areas are located in the middle of the room, which also provides a marvellous view at the whole area.


Washing-up and keep your holiday in order

Another part is dish-washing after eating, which can become an adventure in nature. Most campsites have possibilities to wash dishes. It is generally advisable to include a large bowl (for the transport of dirty dishes), biodegradable detergent, dishcloth, tea towel and trash bags in your basic equipment. Now and then only one water connection is available, which can make the whole process a lot more difficult.


In addition, keeping things tidy or mobile is not that easy. Storage boxes or clothes lines with clothespins can help to store food leftovers, opened packages and wet cloths.


The first cup of coffee in the morning can be easily be part of your camping holidays, because the possibilities to prepare a cup of coffee are quite diverse. One idea is the coffee bag: for this variant mini filters (look like tea bags) can be prepared in a cup with the desired amount of hot water and your cup of coffee is ready to enjoy.

Another option is the Coffee Brewer bag: This method can be done directly in the bag. Simply open the packaging and pour water over it. This coffee can also be used with cold water for the cold-brewing technique. Another benefit – the Coffee-Brewer-Bag is reusable.

The French-Press: Not necessarily a space-saving variant but very easy to use. First fill in the coffee and pour in hot water, then wait a bit and then press down the filter. In addition, the French-Press is also excellent for cooking tea.

Quite common among campers is the filter coffee: You need a coffee filter holder, filters, coffee and water for the perfect coffee enjoyment. Whether a PVC folding filter bag holder made of silicone; foldable stainless steel or classic plastic - the hand-brewing methods are all characterized by their ease of use.

Finally, the espresso machine must also be mentioned: The small cooker for the electric or gas stove works just as well on the camping stove. Filled with water and your favourite coffee and a cup of coffee can be enjoyed.

Food and Storage

In terms of food, camping does not mean just instant soups and canned ravioli. Camping beginners have a variety of ways, so that the camping holiday can be a culinary adventure. A small selection of food can be found here:

Oil for roasting and salads, as well as spices should not be missed. Handy hint: a 6-spice spreader (include salt, pepper white, black pepper, paprika sweet, curry and garlic granules) is space-saving and very useful for tasty meals. In addition, dry foods such as pasta, rice, quinoa or couscous are ideal for storage during a camping trip. Fresh vegetables can be found on local markets in the holiday region. Fruits such as apples, bananas or pears remain fresh for a few days even if not chilled. Moreover, you’ll find a lot of very tasty recipes online.

If you do not have a refrigerator: freeze plastic water bottles - these can be conveniently used as a cold pack and later used as drinking water. However, most campsites in Germany have the possibility to cool food and drinks. If you are traveling with a caravan or motorhome, refrigerators are part of the basic equipment.


However, all mentioned possibilities and tips are just a small selection of the camping kitchen ABCs. After all, every camping vacationer has his or her own wishes and ideas about perfect kitchen equipment and can customize it individually.