Camping for beginners


Are you planning to go on a camping holiday and want to make sure you don’t forget anything? This list might help!

Cash / travellers cheques / credit card  
Navigation device  
Copy of valid ID card or passport  
Customs information  
Check to see which routes charge tolls  
Pack the BVCD camping guide and/or download the BVCD app  
Driver’s license  
Towing vehicle/trailer insurance card  
Towing vehicle/trailer documents  
“Agreed Statement of Facts on Motor Vehicle Accident” form  
Insurance documents (e.g. travel insurance, vehicle insurance)  
Member cards (e.g. Camping Key Europe, ADAC)  
Ferry tickets  
Documents for animals (EU pet passport)  
Camping gear (e.g. ropes, tent pegs, mat)  
Camping kitchen (e.g. towels, cutlery, dishwashing liquid)  
Oil / coolant reserve tank / car battery  
Spare motor oil  
Spare wheel & car jack  
First aid kit  
Warning triangle / reflective vest  
Battery jumper cable  
Flash light  
Tool kit  
Check gas supply  
Drainage pipe  
Adapter or adapter cable from CEE to Schuko socket  
Adapter or adapter cable (with ground) for all other plugs such as CH, CZ, F, PL and SK  
Check empty trailer weight + loaded weight  
Attach bike, canoe etc. to external carrier