Permanent camping - tips

Choosing a permanent campsite

Are you a camper through and through and have a very special favourite campsite?  You want to spend the whole summer holidays or every free weekend camping at your favourite place - or maybe even live there most of the time? Then why not switch to permanent camping!

Out in the open and yet within your own four walls, far away from home and yet among friends, out in nature with lots of comfort: that's permanent camping ... Inexpensive, family-friendly, close to nature and self-determined.

If you love spending as much time as possible on the campsite and enjoy being close to nature, permanent camping is just right for you. Due to the newly ignited trend towards motorhome and camping holidays, the growing interest in living on a campsite is obvious. We have put together everything you need to know about permanent camping. 

Coarse selection - the right campsite

You haven't found your favourite campsite yet? If you do decide to rent a permanent parking space, it should be well thought out.

First of all, you should ask yourself what kind of campsite you can see yourself enjoying in the long-term: Do you prefer lots of entertainment or rather a quiet place to stay? Quickly accessible for the weekend or within a larger radius? Would you prefer your campsite to be in the mountains for hiking or close to the beach?

Our campsite finder offers you lots of inspiration - here you can use selected filters to get one step closer to finding your dream campsite.

Fine selection - not all campsites offer permanent camping

Once you have selected a few favourite campsites, the next step is to check whether these campsites also offer permanent camping. Not every campsite offers this option - some campsites are only designed for tourists.

You should also check the seasonal opening times of the campsite. It would be a shame if you wanted to spend Christmas with your loved ones at the campsite, but the campsite is only open from April to October, wouldn't it? Furthermore, you should check whether it is possible to register a primary or secondary residence. Here, too, there are different regulations.

Facilities, infrastructure and service - a permanent parking space should be well considered

What should the campsite have to offer for you to feel comfortable in the long run?

Would you like to watch TV in the evenings? Is there a TV and internet connection? What is the water and electricity supply like? How many bathroom facilities are there and are they up to my standards? Likewise, service equipment factors need to be reconsidered. A nearby supermarket could be important, for example.

A permanent campsite should be chosen wisely. Keep all of these things in mind when looking for a permanent campsite.