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Die niederländische Internetseite www.zoover.nl hat unser Campingland Deutschland zum besten Campingland Europas gekürt:

Germany is the best country for camping in Europe

Also campsites in Austria and Czech Republic are popular for tourists

Amsterdam, 18 June 2019 – Germany is the best rated camping country of Europe. This is shown by consulting 29.000 consumer reviews on Zoover. With an average rate of 8,47, Germany overrules Austria (8,39) and Czech Republic (8,39) in the top 3. Therefore, the country wins the Zoover Award for best camping country in Europe 2019. Michaela Klare, the director of the German national tourism board proudly received the consumer award.

The award is granted based on the reviews written on Zoover.nl over the past twelve months. There is looked at the average rating of campsites in Europe with exception of the Netherlands. 29.752 consumer reviews are counted in total.

Germany is rising up as camping destination; France and Luxemburg are in the top 5 From a ninth place in 2016 to the first place in 2019: Germany seems to be more wanted as a camping destination. Michaela Klare, director of the German National Tourism Board says “Besides an easy accessibility, are the regional variety, the touristic infrastructure and the hospitality, the factors that are highly rated by our campsite guests. You notice now that the professionalization of the German campsite offer is paying off. The beautiful warm summers that we had over the past few years surely also have led to a beautiful summer holiday in Germany!”.

Despite France being an immensely popular camping destination under the Dutch, the country does not have the best campsites according to the holiday guests. The country is in fourth place in the ranking with an average campsite rate of 7,95. Luxemburg is following closely and ends on the fifth place with an average 7,85. See the other top ten camping countries below.



Top 10 best camping countries of Europe Country                  Score

1.                                          Germany                                                 8,47

2.                                          Austria                                                     8,39

3.                                          Czech Republic                                     8,02

4.                                          France                                                     7,95

5.                                          Luxemburg                                             7,85

6.                                          Italy                                                           7,78

7.                                          Spain                                                       7,74

8.                                          Belgium                                                  7,43

9.                                          Slovenia                                                  7,12

10.                                        Croatia                                                    6,87